《In Symphony》— Molde Canticle

音乐人:Sissel  Kyrkjebø (茜希尔) 




专辑风格:成人时代 Adult Contemporary

地区:Norway 挪威

风格:Adult Contemporary, Classical Crossover


1Innerst I Sjelen  

2 Solitaire   

3 Varen   

4 Vestland,Vestland   

5 Vite Lux   

6 Koppangen   

7 Oh Mio Babbino Caro   

8 Se Ilden Lyse   

9 Kjaerlighet   

10 Where The Lost Ones Go   

11 Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker    

12 Shenandoah   

13 Molde Canticle   

14 Eg Ser



  挪威女歌手Sissel(茜希尔),北欧家喻户晓的歌后.她的歌声冷艳高贵,透明纯净,音域相当广阔,音色控制能力极佳。除了有着恩雅般的空灵凄美,和北欧歌手特有的阳刚气质,更带有流行歌手难得的音色穿透力,一听就知道富有很好的声乐功底。Sissel曾经在1994年挪威冬奥会开幕式上献唱主题曲“FIRE IN YOUR HEART”;亦曾经作为“神秘女声”,被《泰坦尼克》一片作曲家詹姆斯-霍纳的相中,以其外冷内热,充满民谣气息的天籁声线,为电影作贯穿主题的和声配唱,强力渲染出电影悠远悲情的意境。 



Sissel 简介:

外 文 名 Sissel  Kyrkjebo   国    籍 挪威  职    业 歌手  性    别  女

Sissel Kyrkjebo ,挪威歌手。 一头清爽的短发形象,总是挂着如阳光般灿烂的笑容,一个充满活力的女生。在本土她是家喻户晓的国民歌手,踏入歌坛超过十年。曾于挪威的诺贝尔颁奖典礼上表演。与Josh Groban 合唱The Prayer,以及在英国王储查尔斯王子面前演唱,还有跟其它知名巨星共同表演,例如Celine Dion、Sting、法国巨星Charles Aznavour等,此外,她还与著名男高音Jose Carreras(卡列拉斯)共同在丹麦女王座前合唱。


Sissel Kyrkjebo ,挪威著名的女歌手,一头清爽的短发形象,总是挂著如阳光般灿烂的笑容,一个充满活力的人。在本土她是家传户晓的国民歌手,以其空灵清澈的音色踏入歌坛超过10年。4岁时就参加儿童合唱团,并开始在挪威电视台多次露面。从16岁出第一张唱片开始至今,已经是北欧斯堪地那维亚地区家喻户晓的天後,在家乡挪威450万人口中,她的5张唱片销售累计超过200万张。曾於挪威的诺贝尔颁奖典礼上表演。与Josh Groban 合唱The Prayer,以及在英国王储查尔斯王子面前演唱,还有跟其它知名巨星共同表演,例如Celine Dion、Sting、法国巨星Charles Aznavour等,此外,她还与著名男高音Jose Carreras(卡列拉斯)同共在丹麦女王座前合唱。与全球驰名男高音Placido Domingo(多明哥)也有合作的经验,还参与过维也纳传统的圣诞节演唱会,当时收看转播的欧洲观众估计达数百万人,令她广为人知。



Glade Jul(1987)

Soria Moria(1989)

Amazing Grace(1991)

Gift of Love(1993)

Innerst I Sjelen(1994)

Christmas In Vienna III(1995)


All Good Things(2000)

Where The Lost Ones Go(2001)

In Symphony(2001)


My Heart(2004)

Nordisk Vinternatt(2005)

Into Paradise(2006)

Northern Lights(2007)

Til Deg(2010)

2011年,在丹麦居住了22年之后,她回到挪威。2011年8月21日,她在挪威National Memorial Ceremony表演挪威赞歌《Til ungdommen》。

2012年12月,她在St John's Church表演了两场免费的圣诞音乐会。


2016年初在TV-broadcast Royal Gala上表演。

Life and career

Sissel Kyrkjebø (born 24 June 1969), also simply known as Sissel, is a Norwegian soprano.

Sissel is considered one of the world's top crossover sopranos, her musical style ranges from pop recordings and folk songs, to classical vocals and operatic arias. She possesses a "crystalline" voice and wide vocal range, sweeping down from mezzo-soprano notes, in arias such as ‘Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix’ from Saint-Saëns's opera ‘Samson et Dalila’, to the F natural above soprano C.She sings mainly in English and Norwegian, and has also sung songs in Swedish, Danish, Irish, Italian, French, Russian, Icelandic, Faroese, German, Neapolitan, Māori, Japanese, and Latin.

She is well known for singing the Olympic Hymn (Hymne Olympique) at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway; for duets with Plácido Domingo, Charles Aznavour, José Carreras, Neil Sedaka, Warren G, Brian May, Bryn Terfel, Josh Groban, Diana Krall, Russell Watson and The Chieftains; and her participation on the Titanic film soundtrack.

Sissel received her first U.S. Grammy nominations on 6 December 2007 for a collaboration with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. ‘Spirit of the Season’, a collection of songs from the choir's 2006 Christmas concert at Temple Square, was nominated for the Best Classical Crossover Album of the Year, as well as Best Engineered Classical Album.

Sissel's combined solo record sales (not including soundtracks and other albums to which she contributed) amount to 10 million albums sold, most of them in Norway, a country with 5 million people. Her albums have also sold well in Sweden, Denmark and Japan. Together with Odd Nordstoga, they are the only Norwegian artists to have an album go 11 times platinum in album sales for ‘Strålande jul" (‘Glorious Christmas’).

The first name 'Sissel' is a Norwegian variant of 'Cecilia'. This is a popular first name from Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of church music.

In March 2007, a statistically representative sample of the Norwegian population chose her as the best female Norwegian musical artist in competition with 15 other big names, including Lene Marlin, Wenche Myhre, Kari Bremnes, and Bertine Zetlitz. In the summer of 2007, Sissel toured Norway, Sweden, France, and the US with a band. According to Sissel, this is a new concert format for her, without a choir. For the 2007 holiday season, PBS stations aired two concerts starring Sissel as part of the December pledge drive, one with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir titled ‘Spirit of the Season’, released on CD and DVD in late September 2007, the other with operatic legend and good friend José Carreras titled ‘Northern Lights’, released on CD and DVD in early November 2007. The albums of these concerts have proven to be extremely popular, with ‘Northern Lights’ reaching No. 10 in the Billboard Classical Crossover list, and ‘Spirit of the Season’ staying firmly planted at No.1 on the Billboard Classical charts for nine consecutive weeks.

The album ‘Northern Lights’ is a live recording of a concert at Bergstadens Ziir ("Jewel of the mountain town" in German), a church from the 17th Century in Røros, Norway (a 17th-Century Germany mining town). It was inspired by Norway's winter, the Blue hour, and the mystical ‘Northern Lights’.The music were arranged by Kjetil Bjerkestrand and the musicians sharing the stage with Sissel were the Trondheim Soloists, the Nidaros Cathedral Girls Choir, and Sissel's own band. The concert featured the tenor José Carreras, which performed the Julio Iglesias/Dolly Parton-duet "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" with Sissel. Sissel conducted an eight-city US tour in February 2008, singing selections from ‘Northern Lights’. A second leg of the tour covered more cities in the central and southern United States and lasted through April.

On 9 November 2009, Sissel released a new Christmas album called ‘Strålande Jul’ (Glorious Christmas), a project with Odd Nordstoga, another popular Norwegian singer.This album presents mostly lesser-known Christmas carols from Scandinavia. Sissel toured in both Norway and Sweden with Odd Nordstoga, The Real Group, Orsa spelmän, and Krister Henrikson. This album and their sold-out Christmas concerts received much critical acclaim in Norway and Sweden. The record company ‘Universal Music’ anticipated sales of about 100,000 CDs, but ultimately sold more than 400,000 in Norway in the first two months.

In May 2010, Sissel visited China with the Trondheim Soloists, on ‘Expo 2010’ in Shanghai.They performed songs like "Jag vill alltid følja dig", "Solveig's Song" and "Wait A While". Part of these concerts were broadcast on Norwegian television in the summer of 2010. On 20 September 2010, an unauthorized biography of ‘Sissel’, named Sissel, by Stig Nilsson, was released in Norway. Nilsson had written several songs for Sissel earlier in her career. In the book, Nilsson claims—among other things—that Sissel never became a worldwide superstar because she did not want to be. The book has only been released in Norwegian. On 15 November 2010, Sissel released a new album in Scandinavia called ‘Til deg’ (For You), recorded in ABBA's Polar Studios in Stockholm, Nidaros Studios in Trondheim, and in Nashville.This album shows a new direction in music and is heavily influenced by the style of country music, roots and folk. The album includes five songs sung in Swedish, three in Norwegian and two in English, including a Norwegian translation of Victoria Shaw's song "Never Alone", titled "Velkommen hjem", and a Swedish cover of Alison Krauss' song "Ghost in This House", called "Levande död". Sissel has collaborated with Mikael Wiehe, Espen Lind, and Py Bäckman on the new album.

In 2011 Sissel moved back to Norway after 22 years in Denmark. On 21 August 2011, Sissel performed the Norwegian hymn "Til ungdommen" by Nordahl Grieg at the National Memorial Ceremony for the victims of 22 July 2011 terrorist attacks.This ceremony took place in Oslo Spectrum and was broadcast live in all the Nordic countries. HM King Harald and HM Queen Sonja of Norway attended this ceremony with members from all the Nordic Royal Houses, and the prime ministers of Norway, Sweden, Denmark plus the presidents of Iceland and Finland. In September Sissel got her own stamp in Norway when a set of stamps of four Norwegian female performers was issued.

In December 2012 Sissel performed exclusively on two free Christmas-concerts in St John's Church, Bergen. This was the first time she performed a Christmas concert on her own in that church.

In November Sissel returned to the stage, after having a 3-year long break. She visited the Norwegian talkshow "Lindmo", where she performed "My Tribute" by Andrae Crouch. Sissel toured Norway in November and December with her Christmas concerts with a new mix of Christmas- and gospelsongs. She hired three gospelsingers from New York to back her up on these concerts.

On 17 May 2014 Sissel performed the Norwegian national anthem "Ja, vi elsker dette landet" and Griegs "Våren" on the Norwegian Constitution Day 2014 on Eidsvoll, Norway. HM The King and HM The Queen of Norway, HM The King and HM The Queen of Sweden, and HM The Queen and HRH The Prince Consort of Denmark were on this ceremony which was broadcast live on television. Later this year, in September Sissel performed with the Greek tenor Mario Frangoulis at a concert on Friday 5 September at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Greece. This concert, "Sing Me An Angel" was held in aid of the Non Profit Organisation "I Live For Me". They performed several duets like "You Raise Me Up", "Nights in White Satin", "Smile" and "What A Wonderful World". Sissel toured Norway and Sweden with her acclaimed Christmas concerts in November and December. In the fifth episode (of Season 3) of American television political drama series The Newsroom, which aired in December, a recording of Sissel singing Shenandoah was played in the death scene of Charlie Skinner (Sam Waterston).

In 2015 Sissel performed as vocal soloist on 3 Titanic Live-concerts in Lucerne, Switzerland on 13, 14 and 15 March. And later in Royal Albert Hall, London on 27 April. Sissel performed the vocal lines of James Horner’s orchestral score as well as the solo soprano for "My Heart Will Go On". A few weeks later James Horner died when his single-engine Tucano aircraft crashed in the Los Padres National Forest. In December 2015 Sissel was as one of nine names nominated for the 2016 Hall of Fame at Rockheim in Norway.

The beginning of 2016 saw Sissel performing at a TV-broadcast Royal Gala on 17 January, celebrating HM The King and HM The Queen of Norway's 25 years anniversary as regents on the Norwegian throne. Sissel sang "For alltid" ("Forever"), written by Ole Paus.(虾米音乐)


《Before Dawn吟唱新乐园1》— Children's dawn

艺人:Various Artists






01The poet and I  

02 Children's dawn   

03 To the children   

04 Scene d'amour   

05 Mya vin eys   

06 Heaven   

07 Orinoco flow   

08 Color me lovable   

09 Nocturne   

10 Rose   

11 Amazing grace   

12 Theme form dying young   

13 The sound of silence   

14 Hymn  


《第一元素VII》— 辛德勒名单主题曲

音乐人:缪晓铮   卡洛儿/ 王珺 / Carol




专辑风格:中国民乐 Chinese Folk Music

地区:China 中国大陆



02 辛德勒名单主题曲 缪晓铮;王珺 

03 自有人评说 缪晓铮;王珺

04 自由 缪晓铮;王珺 

05 黄沙中的恋人 缪晓铮;王珺

06 清粼粼的水蓝莹莹的天 缪晓铮;王珺

07 剑侠情 缪晓铮;王珺 

08 梁祝 缪晓铮;王珺 

09 远情 缪晓铮;王珺

10 追风的女儿 缪晓铮;王珺 

11 自从离别后 缪晓铮;王珺

12 山丹丹花开红艳艳 缪晓铮;王珺

13 一道道水来一道道山 缪晓铮;王珺 


     空灵飘渺 清新脱俗 细腻柔情的吟唱,丝丝入扣,演绎迷人可听性高。琵琶表现力丰富,演绎慷慨激昂,气氛撼人,音场深阔,定位清晰,人声与乐器分隔度绝不拖泥带水,音色靓到离奇,绝对是高水准录音制作。 (虾米音乐)

92℃'s fantasia:


电影配乐:《狮子王》主题曲(saxophone & paino)



这张名为《Sax on the Beach》海上萨克斯的浪漫纯音乐专辑,是钢琴家John Tesh& Jonathan Widran等音乐家合作制作的,分别有钢琴、萨克斯管、吉他、和音哼唱、弦乐四重奏等,恰到好处的快乐指数随着音乐让人深深的感受到这个美丽的夜晚,sax之夜,所以专辑里有不少重新编曲的改编作品,其中有Elton John的《狮子王》的主题曲,柔情的saxophone、浪漫的paino,Can You Feel the Love Tonight?


Homecoming Queen:


                             ---2014.11.20 妈妈我爱你


『洗涤心灵的天籁之音』Adiemus I - 1999 Version


ღ MaiLi ღ:


【Molde Canticle 莫尔德颂歌】

【电影的(西西里的美丽传说)主题曲, 吟唱为主,悠扬的韵律,唯美的意境、柔婉的情感,聆听音乐,如同点滴倾诉,畅想音乐,又有幕幕感伤,回到音乐,像是凄凄美景】


《The Veil Of Whispers》— Scene Through The Mist

音乐人:Thierry David 蒂埃里·大卫


唱片公司:Real Music




风格:Trance, Electronica, Ambient


01Scene Through The Mist 

02 L'Invitation Au Mystere (推荐选听)

03 Attraction Beckons (推荐选听)

04 Ecstasy 

05 Pastel Footprints 

06 A New Memory 

07 Orient Priestess 

08 Persuasion's Dance 

09 The Veil Of Whispers 

10 Liquid Melody 

11 Sigh Of The Goddess (推荐选听)

12 Mystery Awakens 

13 A Familiar Groove  

       Thierry David 是 New Age Music 领域著名的作曲家、指挥和制作人。1955年出生于法国巴黎,少年时对古典音乐和爵士乐产生了浓厚的兴趣,大学毕业后做为法国使馆人员前往秘鲁利马,从事文化服务;在这期间,Thierry David 的业余时间都致力于音乐,对传统古典音乐、爵士乐和南美民族音乐有了更深入的了解和研究;于是,他放弃了工作,考入了世界著名的 Berklee College of Music 伯克利音乐学院。经过极其严格和系统的音乐学习后,Thierry David 回到了巴黎,开始为一些广告等作曲,在酒吧演奏钢琴,参加过爵士乐乐队、摇滚乐队甚至重金属乐队,这些经历为他日后的音乐道路积累了经验。Thierry David 的音乐风格融合古典、爵士乐、印地安人、歌剧等,轻松而温馨,他自称为“Lounge Music”。(虾米音乐)